Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the website for ANTECH Diagnostics OnLine that is focused on providing laboratory services to animal healthcare providers to make it easier for them to run their businesses. Our mission is to enhance day-to-day operations at all veterinary practices, and to provide those practices with an opportunity to further strengthen their relationships with their clients.


What services does offer?
Zoasis offers access to up-to-the-minute laboratory test results, expert consultation with veterinary specialists, streamlined laboratory test ordering, business, test incident and patient reporting, along with current veterinary news and information.


Who are your business partners?
We have established, trusted relationships with many companies in the veterinary industry, including a number of practice management software companies. We will continue to explore strategic relationships with additional companies in order to provide you with additional relationships that will help you improve your practice.


Will you share any of my information with your business partners or anyone else?
We at ANTECH Diagnostics take your privacy very seriously, and it is our number one priority maintaining the confidentiality of your information. That being said, with your permission we will share information with other parties or partners that want to offer additional resources, products or services to help you grow your practice. This type of permission-based marketing will allow you to capitalize on relationships that we have spent so much time developing on your behalf. For more information on this subject, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy, which is updated regularly.


Who can use is the website for ANTECH Diagnostics and can be accessed by ANTECH Diagnostics' customers, including the veterinarians and their support staff.


I'm interested in signing up for ANTECH OnLine, powered by Zoasis. Who should I contact?
If you are already an ANTECH Diagnostics customer or wish to find out more information about ANTECH, the easiest way is for you to e-mail us at